Lets get your doubts cleared

How is Weather in Maldives?

Laying close to the equator in the Indian Ocean the Maldivian weather pattern is tropical or monsoon in nature with two distinctly different seasons; the northeast monsoon (wet season), and the southwest monsoon (dry season).  The Maldives rainy season runs from January to March, and the Maldives dry season from the middle of May till December. No matter what time of year you visit these sun drenched isles you can expect to find an average year round daily temperature of 30°C (86º F) which means you only have to pack light for your trip.  As we say on Dhiffushi Island “no news and no shoes” are all you need for that perfect vacation for happy life at Happy Life. Pleasant mornings lead into sun soaked days with kaleidoscopic sunsets, and slightly breezy nights that are perfect for sleeping, and waking up to another day in paradise.


Do I need a visa for my stay?

Only if you plan to stay more than 30 days. Visa extension can be arranged during your stay.


Is there internet on Dhiffushi?

Yes, we provide free WIFI for our guests.


What currency should I bring (Rufyas, Dollars or Euro)?

Preferably US Dollars.


Can you buy alcohol and if so at what price?

You should refrain from bringing alcohol to the Maldives, as it is strictly prohibited hence you can buy alcohol from Floating Bar. We arrange trips to Floating Bar.



Do I need to bring towels?

No. We provide free beach & bath towels for you.


Are casual clothes enough or do I need something else/upbeat, if we go to another island/one of the resorts?

Casual clothes are more than fine.


Can I exchange money on the island?

No, please bring US$. Euro or Pounds are also accepted but the rates may differ from online rates.


Can I withdraw money at an ATM on Dhiffushi?

Yes, you can only withdraw money . We do accept card payments too at the Hotel.