Crow Beach Hotel was founded in mid-2017 after the government approval of tourist hotels to be built on the local islands of the Maldives. This is also beginning of budget tourism in the Maldives.

As we started with a small budget, it took nearly 4 years to complete Crown Beach Hotel, which consists of 10 Rooms, Beach Restaurant & Excursion Facilities. Crown Beach Hotel was opened on 1 Nov 2017.

On 1 Feb 2018, we improved our service by adding 2 new Rooms, a Beach Restaurant & a small speedboat. Our services are further expanded on 1 Jan 2020 by introducing our second Hotel, Crown Beach Villas with 6 Rooms, all facing directly to a private beach. All together, Crown Beach consist of 18 Rooms.

We aim to provide “a real Maldivian beach hotel” experience in all our accommodations. We strategically locate all our rooms near the bikini beach of the island.