You can surf with our local surfers who will act as guides. The closest spot to Crown Beach Hotel is the house reef or at Meeru corner (can get epic on big days, on smaller days more suitable for beginners to intermediates – reef break). The best time of the year for surfing is from the tail end of the north east monsoon through to the end of the south west monsoon which coincides with the period from March to mid November. Alternatively you can choose one of the following surf spots (in order of distance from Dhiffushi): – Chickens Villingilimathi Huraa (Kuda Villingili), uninhabited island. Eastern reef of North Malé Atoll. Requires speed. Long, excellent left-hander that has two sections. A pleasant thin, peeling, racing lip. However conditions must be perfect, otherwise it’s not makeable. Best winds are NW-NNE (offshore). Named because of a poultry farm on the island. Access by Crown Beach Hotel surf-transfer or local ferry.

– Cokes Located in Easten Reef of Thulusdhu the capital island of Malé Atoll. A short but intense ride. A big wave tube spot. A steep barreling takeoff, then a very shallow inside section that opens up even more than the takeoff. Best on mid to high tide, however, can be surfed at low tide if the swell is big enough. Ideal on a straight south swell and winds NW however, can be surfed in winds from any direction W – N. Named after the Coca-Cola factory on the island, beautiful view of palm fringed each from the surf zone. Access by Crown Beach Hotelsurftransfer or local ferry.

– Lohis A fast, hollow left-hander that has 2 sections. A good swell indicator. Sadly this wave is off limits unless you stay at the resort.

– Sultans A right-hander that likes a bigger swell from the south can be very hollow and long.

– Honkeys Excellent long left that’s good from 2ft up. Builds up as it wraps around the reef.

– Jailbreaks Long right that is brilliant. The fastest wave in the Maldives with long walls and three tube sections

– Pasta Point Tari Village Resort (Kanu Huraa). Perfect long left, which picks up more swell and is more consistent than any other break. Macaroni Bowl’-a second tube section, which develops after the fast take off section, mellows out for a cutback. Lockjaws – if you are game try out this very fast and shallow end section, which comes after the Macaroni Bowl. Rides are 75 to 100 yards long. Reserved for the exclusive use of the resort guests. (Strictly enforced by Tari Village Resort management). Best winds; N, but can be surfed with NE-NW.


At all surfspots you can also go bodyboarding. Please make sure to bring your own gear.